I called out on the inner planes to Master Babaji Nagaraj, the immortal avatar, the Moola Guru: “Babaji, Why is sexuality important?”

I sensed this familiar energy vector going straight down into my crown, something I’ve previously felt whenever receiving communication from Babaji. And then I felt this inner prompting, a kind of “knocking at the door” inside of me. I spontaneously let my fingers begin typing.

Here’s what they wrote (without my hard-working thinking-mind even having to lift a muscle!):

Sexuality is important because it is the seat of life. It marks the origins, the portal of existence. How can one know themselves without understanding their own sexuality? It is how we all create, how existence is created, not just babies. It is accurate, Jan, in saying that if you aren’t using sexual energy to create life outside of you, you can create more life within you. How to use this power is important in the evolution of the human species. Without it, we remain unbalanced and under-realized. It is the most challenging of the forces to master because of all the pitfalls humans easily succumb to [Jan: ‘i.e. pleasure for the sake of distraction from pain, inability to be with the discomfort of difficult emotions that get invariably get stirred up by deep sex’]. Indeed, the ability to tolerate temporary discomfort for the sake of growth involves a fiery desire, one that outweighs the desire for comfort. But most people’s concept of sex/sexuality is that it only ought to be comfortable, comforting, easy, fun. That is only the beginning. Few choose to penetrate the deeper mysteries of sexuality. It is a path for the hero, the ‘Vira’ as described in the ancient tantric texts.

And then a few days later, it occurred to me, well, I wonder what Mother Gaia would say if I asked her the same question. Jan to Gaia, “Why is sexuality important?” And this is what popped out:

Sexuality is love, love of you as spirit embodied in physical form. Sexuality celebrates your human existence. Orgasm is an explosion of God/dess’ love for you as a unique being. Do not shame yourself for your desires, sexual or otherwise. They lead you to your most important truths. Pleasure is not to be held as suspect but embraced as fundamental to your spiritual GPS. See it as a form of your highest excitement that signals alignment with Source and your Higher Self. ‘What is my pleasure?’ Is one of the most important questions to ask yourself on a daily basis. It is key to unlocking your joy. What IS your pleasure? Get good at answering this question, be generous in giving yourself the fulfillment of those desires. That is my message for you today. It includes and is not limited to your sexuality.

Orgasm as “an explosion of God/dess’s love for me”?! *Whoa.*

I figured that, since the content, tone, and vibration of these two responses were SO different from one another and that these were concepts that had never occurred in my own thinking mind before, I must be channeling.

Six months later, feeling stuck at only being able to receive short inconsistent messages that unpredictably popped out every now and then (Gawd, this is SO like me! I always want to be able to do everything already right NOW. Sheesh! And I think of myself as a patient person.), I happened to be on Facebook when I caught the introduction of Marguerite Rigoglioso’s first Facebook Live broadcast. She was introducing her Priestess of the Dove Oracle training through her Seven Sisters Mystery School.

I heard Marguerite saying things like, “All women have the capacity to be an oracle… These are skills that can be learned… My desire is to restore the ancient way of the Divine Oracle Priestess on the planet.” !!! !!!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! This was it. My prayer was being answered. This is how I would learn to open my channel to allow Divine Intelligence to flow through. What could be more precious and valuable? That was May of this year.

In June-July I took Marguerite’s 6-week intro course. And two weekends ago attended the initiatory retreat for the 6-month formal Dove Priestess Oracle Training.

It feels SO vulnerable sharing with you about my journey to become a full-fledged Dove Oracle Priestess, not knowing how it will all unfold! (This is very unlike the old Jan, by the way, who needed you to think I was perfect and had it all together, who wouldn’t reveal anything until the thing was totally polished and ready. Obnoxious, I know. LOL.). Still shaky-legged, a baby oracle, still riddled from time to time with thoughts of, “Can I do it? Am I doing it? Is this right? Am I superior to my classmates? Inferior? Gawd, I don’t feel like meditating today. Am I good enough?” Ohmigawd! I can’t believe I’m putting my neurotic mind on loudspeaker for you. Terrifying, isn’t it?

I will now pray to be freed from the burden of “Am I good enough?” Another one of those deceptive brain messages. Just happens to be my most entrenched one. “I now spray psychic silly spray at you. There!”

Now back to enjoying myself… I’m gonna go take a hot bath fragranced with delightfully sunny grapefruit essential oil. Ahhhh!

Until next time, beloved, for Goddess’ sake, ENJOY!
Love, Jan ❤️️



“It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is flowering.” ~Osho